JustTon Digital Graphics, Ton Janssen, as simple as that!

Hard to find a pre-labeled box: he has never been one of the flock!!

At primary school Ton’s penmanship was poor,

fair to say: VERY BAD!!!

To improve his penmanship, as a 10 year old boy, he had to spend lots of after school hours writing while other kids were playing outdoor. He even got spanked for crossing guides! Improvements? ZERO!!!

ZERO? Sorry no, not in every aspect! He got fascinated by the shape of letters and calligraphy. During boring shifts doing a boring job, he started practising calligraphy. Calligraphy was his escape out of that job! He got the chance to study ‘writing’!!!

After following some basic courses, he was very well coached by Toon Janssen (no relative!). Workshops and classes given by professional, well known designers and artist improved his skills in design, composition, use of colour and more.

Ton has held academic degrees in ‘Penmanship and the history of writing’ since 1986. (Onderwijsakte Schoonschrijven LO & MO, Signwriting, Calligraphy.)

Getting the skills to become a DeskTop Publisher was the next step. It was a great help that in the late 90’s his neighbour, Henk Hodiamont, was Apple’s helpdesk in The Netherlands. Those days computers ran with 4 MB RAM, a HDD of 150 MB was huge! Ton studied digital graphic design at the Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven (NL). Earlier at college he studied mechanical engineering and chemistry. It turned out that the gained knowledge of geometry and constructing were a great help (it still is).

Photography was the next issue to be improved. So he did, even before digital camera’s were available. Following courses and studying the work of top photographers (like Harald Mante) gave a boost to his personal vision on photography.

After several employments as designer and desktop publisher, in 2005 Ton decided to become a freelancer in the world of print, graphics and digital art. His extensive portfolio of works consists of a wide variety of subjects.

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