More than looking impressive, functionality is important!!!

Thinking simple gives projects the best chances to succeed.

Graphic design can be creating single elements to be used in many ways (logo’s, pictograms, small ads) but it is also combining media and text to realise expressions in print or digital (interactive) presentations. Posters, books, forms…

Well thought out use of shapes, colour, typography, composition and more will ad impact to the message to be told.

Creativity, graphic knowledge and experiences for over 20 years are the basics to do the job. The first thing to keep in mind is to know how the design is going to be used and reproduced. JustTon Digital Graphics is aware of many hidden traps along the way and knows how to avoid them.

Designs created by JustTon Digital Graphics meet required standards and formats publications need. In print and on screen. JustTon Digital Graphics uses powerful  software (Adobe CC 2019: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator along with On1PhotoRaw,  Typestyler Pro, NIK-software plus a lot of plug-ins and PS-actions). Creating and adjusting PDF-files in different standards is a routine.

The portfolio of JustTon Digital Graphics contains a wide range of works.  Basic vector and pixel designs, flyers, advertisements, magazines, newsletters, catalogs, up to books  printed as luxurious editions.


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